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Concentrating our activities on the Word, Oneness, and Worship, we endeavor to discuss and apply
God's word to life's struggles, fellowship in the Spirit, pray for and with one another, and build up the body
in love to create learning, fellowshipping, worshipping, serving Christian men.
This ministry supports the church's vision to

• Wining men and new believers through local ministry efforts
• Building and teaching men for the future evangelization of the world
• Sending men into advanced evangelical activities locally






God has called us to evangelize and serve others with compassion. Everyone who portrays leadership abilities will be given opportunities to administer the Word. Others will be encouraged to exhort. Groups will be formed to evanglize. Strong leaders will work together to keep the program flowing and bring new ideas to the group. Schedualed events will be a group activity, thought up by the group, discussed by the group beforehand.


Everyone will be given to a prayer partner at the draw of a hat, no exceptions. The
group as a whole shall be divided into sections, keeping prayer patners together, but allowing home group activity when planned for special nights of gift expansion. Members will be encouraged to participate in
service work such as greeting, ushering, cleaning up, helps etc.

















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